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How to download instagram stories ig ?

Instagram Stories debuted about two years ago and was nothing more than an attempt to attract new or old users who had opted to spend more time on Snapchat. At that time, Instagram was looking for ways to get more, more time in the app, so it needed more than the classic feed. The idea worked. As of last June, over 400,000,000 users are viewing or uploading stories daily - more than twice as many as on Snapchat.

Downloading stories ig is very simple by using .
Everyone can do it by following some very easy steps, and be sure your data are safe even you are logged in into instagram while using our website ! We don't use your profile to fetch the stories via instagram and we will never use. PROMISE!


  1. No need to install any sketchy app to your mobile phone.
  2. No need to provide your instagram login credentials.
  3. Download stories ig and view them later, after the 24 hours mark has been passed.
  4. View stories ig completely anonymously.
  5. No limits.
  6. Free.


  1. You can become a stalker. Easily. Poor exs. 🕵️‍♂️

So enough with the talking , show me how it is done !!!

Steps for privately view and download instagram stories ig

In order to view or download someone's instagram stories ig privately, you have to follow the steps below:
This example is based on Nasa's stories ig .

  1. Click on the search input and enter the instagram profile username you want to watch stories.
    Hit the Show button.
    stories ig
  2. Wait for the website to fetch the profile , and once done click the result.
    stories ig
  3. Once the page loads, you will be able to see data for the current instagram user, like followers/following number, bio and his/her stories ig.
    stories ig

    Stories ig list

    stories ig
  4. Easy so far ? We are sure ! 😎
    Last but not least step !
    If you want to download the stories ig in your device you have to click the download image/video links below each story.

    stories ig
  5. Enjoy !


For a long time, there was the urban myth that the list of those watching your Stories was actually a list of stalkers who watched your profile in general. Instagram has safety nets in its algorithm - something that lets the user think they want it. Whatever the truth, the mere fact that someone comes into the game means that Instagram has won. The list of people watching your Stories is always bigger than the number of likes you get in regular posts. The realistic approach to this? Someone is just bored and sees all the Stories that appear at the top of their screen - almost no one will see the same thing a second time.

A recent survey showed that 65% of millennials upload stories with the ultimate goal of making others jealous, even if it doesn't go as well as it seems.

The list of viewers is not chronological, but it does not seem to relate solely to "activity data" - that is, likes, tags, comments. This has led some users to start their own tests to determine what other factors may be involved.